Albert Habib

Albert Habib, Attorney at Law

After graduating from the University of Lausanne with a Bachelor of Law (magna cum laude) and a Master of law in Commercial Law (summa cum laude), Albert Habib immediately directed himself towards the practice of law.

During his attorney internship, Mr. Habib pleaded before numerous jurisdictions and acquired a thorough experience of judiciary proceedings.

Mr. Habib also distinguished himself in several rhetoric and debate competitions in Switzerland and abroad (twice finalist of the University of Lausanne’s Iurisdictio Competition, René Cassin European Human Rights Moot Court Competition, Candidate of the Conférence Berryer)

After passing his Bar examination and being admitted to the Bar of the Canton of Vaud, Mr. Habib became a Partner of Lexiss Avocats, where he practices in French, English, Italian and German.

Faced with all kinds of cases, Mr. Habib developed solid skills to ensure the defense of his clients’ interest in all circumstances.

Thanks to his devotion and perseverance, Mr. Habib will support you in all your proceedings to improve your daily life, thus honoring the trust you place in him.

Practice Areas


Criminal Law

Criminal Law includes all misdemeanors and felonies committed against a person or their property. This field of the law is the heart of Mr. Albert Habib’s judiciary activity.
During a criminal case, it is essential to be quickly advised and informed of your rights when dealing with criminal prosecution authorities.

Criminal proceedings may prove long and difficult for the involved parties, for this reason it is important to be able to confide under attorney-client privilege and benefit of the support of your lawyer.

Whether you are accused or a victim, Mr. Habib will listen to you and will accompany you with reactivity and certitude, from the very beginning of your case.


Traffic Law

Traffic Law includes not only the administrative component, i.e. driving license withdrawals and cancellations, as well as any administrative measures taken against road users, but also the criminal proceedings thereof: the sanction considered by the criminal authorities because of the behavior of drivers.

In traffic law, it is important not to lose sight of the duality of the proceedings. Indeed, to decide on the administrative sanctions, the authorities generally base themselves on the facts established in the criminal proceedings.

Mr. Albert Habib will assist you in your proceedings before the criminal and administrative authorities (Service des automobiles) to ensure a swift and efficient resolution of your case.